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Steps Before Selling Your Website

There are five basic steps before you can start selling your website.

(image:Steps Before Selling Your Website)

1. Sign-up and select a developer WordPress website

First, access the Creator Sign-up page and create an account. All you need is an email address.

On the Dashboard, add a new product. After you register your developer WordPress login information, you can start using the site. Even when you update your product, you will keep using this environment.
The URL for your developer website will be issued automatically and can not be changed.

You can start with the default WordPress installation, or you can select the Starter WordPress installation that includes the Page Builder and some plugins.

Default WordPress: You will start with the default WordPress installation, which has no content. This is recommended if you already have a theme, plugins, a completed website design, or a demo site you want to use to start with. By using a migration plugin (such as All-in-One WP Migration), you can quickly finish building your product.

Preset WordPressElementor comes with a few pages, plugins, etc. Without editing PHP or HTML code, you can freely edit with the Page Builder. This is recommended for website designers.

2. Create a WordPress website

Although you should care about how nice the source code is, the customer will likely care more about what the finished product looks like.

Set the persona, target occupation, business category, and objectives for the website. The potential customer will then be able to imagine things better.

Besides the design, you should also work on:
– The page configuration and the site map
– Linking to social media accounts
– Marketing functions
– E-commerce function

If you can imagine how you can make customers happy, you will surely be able to create a wonderful site!

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