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Welcome to the ReadyShip documentation!! This page is for web creators who want to sell websites.


Thing ReadyShip is a service that enables all web creators to convert their business model to a subscription-based one. We aim to provide an exciting and rewarding environment for all web creators to be successful while doing what they love. You will be able to offer and sell your entire WordPress websites, including your theme, plugins, posts, images, settings and database. This generates a steady monthly revenue stream, allowing you to have more time to pursue your next projects and create more websites! You (the creator) make great websites (your products) and we, ReadyShip, host the websites and provide a managed recurring billing for your customers. {% imgWrap ‘ReadyShip Overview’ process-overview.png 800 %} ReadyShip Services – A clone of your entire WordPress website – A checkout page – Managed WordPress web hosting – A monthly billing service – 24/7 Web hosting support


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