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Plans and Pricing

With ReadyShip, you can create your own plans on top of the basic fees of our server plans.

Free to set your own pricing

Plan Groups and Products

ReadyShip offers 3 plans as illustrated below.

Your Profit / month
$33 ~$33 ~$33 ~
Server Price / month$26$60$240
Number of Instances124
Plan Groups and Products

You can modify the plans to create a plan group. Each product can belong to a different plan group.

A Plan Group will be automatically registered for you when you first sign-up. You can increase the number of Plan Groups, but note that Plan Groups cannot be deleted.

Your earnings will be transferred to your account after the payment fee (3.6%) and transaction fee (4.0%) are deducted.

Calculating your payout
Sample Pricing (Based on the Small Plan priced at $100/month.)

For more details, please see Payment Fees and Payout Amount.

Adding a New Plan Group

You can add a new Plan Group to the Plan List. You can set the following items:

  • Name: Set the name of the Plan Group. This is only for admin purposes: your customers do not see the name.
  • Pricing: Enter the monthly pricing for each of the 3 plans.
  • Annual payment discount (Optional): The default discount for an annual payment is 15%. However, you can set the discount as you desire.

Currently, the only available currencies are USD and JPY.
The minimum and maximum amounts in US dollars can be set from $5.00 to $10,000.00. In Japanese yen, it will be from ¥500 to ¥1,000,000.

Changing the Pricing

On the Change screen, you can change the name, pricing, etc., like you did when you first created the plan.
The changes will take effect immediately.

Note that the modified pricing will not be applied to customers who are already registered.
The recurring amount the customer pays is based on the pricing that was in effect when the customer bought the subscription (when the customer’s website was created). Even if you change the pricing, it will not change the subscription price of existing customers.

For example, if a customer is paying $50 monthly and you change the plan’s pricing to $80, the customer will continue to pay $50 per month. This also applies even if you set a lower pricing.

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